The idea of the Development of Regions Summit was initiated by the Francophone Association of Municipalities of New-Brunswick to explore and devise practical and innovative solutions to the devitalization problems that many communities of the province are experiencing.

Since francophone, anglophone and bilingual regions of the province often face similar problems and issues, the Development of Regions Summit covers the entire province of New-Brunswick. 


In order to contribute to the vitality and dynamism of our regions' communities, the initiative set in motion aims to:

  • Support a decentralized development strategy that creates enthusiasmcommitment and mobilization of stakeholders towards the local ownership of their development.
  • Gather concrete tools (measures, mechanisms, structures, and means) that empower local stakeholders to actively participate in the elaboration and implementation of development strategies in their regions and territories.
  • Identify important common issues for the various regions of the province as well as issues that are specific to communities which are experiencing a loss of vitality.
  • Encourage the provincial government to show increased confidence towards local communities and regions and towards their capabilities to successfully take on their unique issues and challenges.


Information and Reflection phase: commitment
First launched during the first Development of Regions Summit on June 13-14 2014 in Dalhousie, the initiative aims to engage people who are interested in the development of their region. It aims to provoke reflection on our regions' challenges and economic potential, as well as encourage commitment from local stakeholders, civil society (associations, organizations and citizens) and the municipal and entrepreneurial sectors.

Consultation phase
Deepening the reflections initiated at the first Summit, a Provincial Consultation Tour of the Regions will be held in order to gather the positions and opinions of local stakeholders in regards to the development of their community, and to promote dialogues and debates. Organizations, citizens, stakeholders and experts will also be invited to send submissions and comments. The goal is to identify some elements and orientations of a development model updated for our territory, supported by an action plan. The Consultation Tour also aims to encourage local stakeholders to work actively to contribute to the socioeconomic future of their region.

Dialogue and implementation phase: the stepping stone
Drawing from the Provincial Consultation Tour of the Regions, a document elaborating on the basis for the development of the regions will be written and shared in view of the Regions Development Summit: the stepping stone, which will take place in the fall of 2015. The Summit will be an opportunity for local, regional and provincial stakeholders to elaborate on the concrete tools identified and determine how they could be implemented.